09/28/2016 11h10

Enersystem invests in Brazil and expands plant in Guarulhos with the support from Investe SP

US manufacturer of batteries for industrial use expects to triple in size over a period of five years in Brazil and invests US$ 15 million to expand production in Guarulhos

Investe São Paulo

The current scenario of economic slowdown in Brazil is no threat to EnerSys, a US manufacturer of batteries for industrial use. With positive growth projections for the upcoming years, the company announces the expansion of the plant of its subsidiary in Brazil – Enersystem, in Guarulhos (São Paulo), with a total investment of US$ 15 million. The project relies on the support from Investe São Paulo, the export and investment promotion agency of the state of São Paulo.

Focusing on the recovery of the Brazilian economy and the subsequent increase in demand, the company will increase the production capacity of its plant, purchasing equipment and expanding the plant from the current 4,000 square meters to 67,000 square meters. The investment will generate 30 job opportunities throughout 2017, and within five years, it could double the company’s workforce, which currently has 150 employees.

“We are optimistic about the future of the Brazilian economy. Enersystem particularly estimates to grow 60% in a year in Brazil. In five years, we believe we can triple in size here. This investment should develop a structure that allows us to fully meet our current customers and the increasing demand in the upcoming years. And São Paulo is the state that offers us the conditions to fulfill our goal,” said Eduardo A. Bocci, President of Enersystem for South America.

The team of Investe SP, the investment promotion agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, has been assisting the project mainly on tax, infrastructure and environmental issues.

“Investments such as that of Enersystem show that São Paulo is a state of continuous development, which continues to attract businesses and providing conditions for those that are already settled here to feel confident to expand their operations. We are the largest economic and industrial hub in the Southern Hemisphere and we have the best infrastructure network, institutional stability and strategic location in the country. I’m sure that the company will find all the necessary factors for the success of this project here,” said Juan Quirós, president of Investe São Paulo.

“São Paulo continues to attract investments due to its potential, which is the result of a stable governance, focused on the creation of jobs and on the permanent qualification of its population,” said Márcio França, vice governor and secretary of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation.

The opening of the plant after its expansion is expected to take place in March 2017.

About Enersystem

A subsidiary of the US group EnerSys in South America, Enersystem began operations in Brazil, in 2002, and in Argentina, in 2003. In addition to these markets, Enersystem operates in eight other countries on the continent. 

The EnerSys group, which has shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has 32 plants and more than 9000 employees worldwide.

The company manufactures industrial batteries and provides services in this sector in over a hundred countries. It designs, builds, installs and maintains comprehensive stored energy solutions for industrial applications.

The products and services of EnerSys are focused on three primary markets: motive power (batteries for electric forklift trucks and all types of electric vehicles used in logistics, cargo handling, mining, etc.), reserve power (products for telecommunication systems, data centers, power plants, alternative energy systems, emergency lighting system, etc.) and defense and special applications (solutions for land, sea and air military vehicles and for sports, leisure or SUV).