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Businesses from Guarulhos seek new markets in the 5th edition of SP Export

Investe SP brings Poupatempo do Exportador to the city to help companies in the region with free services from several institutions

Investe São Paulo

Approximately 400 people participated in the opening ceremony of the 5th SP Export, held at Teatro Adamastor, in Guarulhos.The event, promoted by Investe SP and the local government of the city, marks the fifth edition of Poupatempo do Exportador (a public service developed to provide streamlined support to exporters), which brings several public and private institutions that can help small and medium enterprises to begin their internationalization process or improve their participation in foreign trade.

“This event was only made possible thanks to the support provided by the local government, which since the beginning of the year has been a partner of Investe SP in various ways.Count on us to help businesses look beyond the problems, and instead look at the resources that we are striving to offer,” said Sérgio Costa, Director of Institutional Relations of the Agency.

This action is part of the program to support exports from São Paulo, SP Export, an initiative of the State Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation. At Poupatempo do Exportador, in addition to the services provided individually to each company, there will be presentations and panels for training with experts related to the subject.

 “The intention is to assist small, medium and large enterprises to develop new business, increase competitiveness and create jobs and income through exports,” said the Secretary of Economic Development and vice-governor of São Paulo, Márcio França, who launched SP Export in 2015. 

According to the mayor of Guarulhos, Gustavo Costa (Guti), “this is the opportunity for Guarulhos to come out on top and effectively become Latin America’s hub with the largest number of dry ports and exporting companies, and a more friendly public service structure to economic development.We would like to thank the Vice Governor and Secretary Márcio França for bringing this initiative to our city.”

“Over the next four years, our goal is to enable Guarulhos to rank as the second city with the largest number of exporting companies in the state, reaching 1,000 exporting companies.We are aware that economic development first goes through small and medium enterprises, said the secretary of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the city, Rodrigo Barros.

The director of Apex-Brazil in São Paulo, Francisco Luna, explained how the Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex) works, which is operated by Investe SP in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.“We offer personalized training within each of the companies, helping them improve processes and management tools and making them more competitive in international trade.In Brazil, approximately 20,000 companies export today, but this figure could grow much more in the future.”

Check out the editions of SP Export in Campinas (287 participants, 152 companies assisted), Sorocaba (296 participants, 82 companies assisted), Franca (167 participants, 66 companies assisted) and Ribeirão Preto(232 participants, 82 companies assisted).

In Guarulhos, services encompassed the following areas, with the following partners:



FUNDING:Desenvolve SP and BNDES


About SP Export

Coordinated by Investe São Paulo and created by the Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology and Innovation, São Paulo Export Support Program – SP Export – seeks to increase the volume of exports from São Paulo, encourage the exporting culture in its business community and help state companies find foreign markets for their products and services.

SP Export is carried out through a partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil) and integrates the National Exporting Culture Plan (PNCE), in accordance with an agreement signed in late 2015.

The program includes missions of Brazilian companies for prospecting international markets, support to the arrival of potential buyers and foreign exporters and training seminars, in addition to the service provided free of charge through the Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex), Apex-Brazil and ESPM, and Poupatempo do Exportador, an itinerant initiative that brings information from different institutions to the main metropolitan areas of the state.